Silent Hill Creator Behind the Upcoming Slitterhead

The Creator Is Also Joined by Akira Yamaoka, Who Also Worked on Silent Hill

Slitterhead does have the sound of something nasty. And that’s not far off base. It is nasty but in a good way. This horror game has been tentatively released for 2023 and has revealed that there are two former Silent Hill names that are behind its creative process- namely Keiichiro Toyama, with Akira Yamaoka handling the music component.

This new horror game title, while it is a horror game, is not the same tone as Silent Hill. There are neon lights, in the middle of a busy city, and it is filled with various monstrous creatures that can be mistaken for humans. And to say that there is body horror, that is deforming of the human body, sums it up nicely. This brings to mind more of a previous project of Toyama’s, the 2008 PlayStation title Siren: Blood Curse. Siren was known more for enemies that appeared human, but would slowly transform throughout the game, becoming terrifying creatures that the player had to avoid.

This could end up being a gory and loud game, especially compared to Silent Hill. But Bokeh Game Studios are very excited about what the game entails. While we don’t know who the main character will be, we do know that there will be combative possibilities, including using a flaming sword. According to Toyoma, in order to appeal to a wider audience, the game will be far more action-adventure oriented, while still having the horror feel.

And boy does it if the screenshots and the trailer from the Games Awards are anything to go by. And with Akira Yamaoka, who was also part of the music development of Silent Hill previously, we know that in whatever situation that the player will be in, the music will fit the tone and add to the gaming atmosphere. Yamaoka is well known for his work on the Silent Hill soundtracks, and for his other musical work in games, such as Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead, and a lot more.

While there has been no solid release date, Slitterhead is set to come out onto PC in 2023. While this means we will have to wait, this promises to be a wonderfully horrifying experience.