DON’T SCREAM Official Game Announcement

DON’T SCREAM for 18 Minutes

Today, two independent game developers, Joure and Joe have announced their upcoming game DON’T SCREAM. They have also revealed that it will be available on Steam Early Access starting from 27 October. Moreover, you can also put it on your wish list on the same platform.

DON’T SCREAM is a short horror experience developed using Unreal Engine 5 and inspired by 90’s camcorder found footage. It is designed especially to make players jump. You can even describe it as a scare simulator. It does not feature a story line and the only challenge is to explore the mysterious Pineview Forest for 18 minutes without screaming. If you scream, the game will restart from the beginning.

Okay, we know that it sounds simple. However, there is a catch. Time will only progress when you move around, and you cannot predict the scares at all. The game has a unique feature that uses the microphone in-game which is compulsory. Every whimper, jump, or even a minor squeak is registered as a scream, hence increasing the challenge.

Here is what to expect from the game’s voice control:

1. Calibrate Your Microphone: Set it up in-game. It’s not just tech setup; it defines your challenge. A mere squeak or quiet gasp should be flagged as a scream, causing you to restart.

2. Mind Your Voice: You can talk during gameplay, but keep it low – slightly softer than normal. Too loud and it’s game over.

3. Play Fair: You could bypass calibration to shout through scares, but it’d spoil the thrill. For a genuine horror experience play as designed.