Ludus Mortis Is Available Now on Steam Early Access

Assemble Your Gladiators in Ludus Mortis

The indie video game developer 68k Studios has officially released their latest title Ludus Mortis on Steam Early Access. The game draws inspiration from classic cRPG from the 80s and 90s. Moreover, it is priced at just $15.29 with a 15% launch discount.

Ludus Mortis

Ludus Mortis is a grid-based first-person dungeon crawler. The story takes place in a Dark Fantasy version of Imperial Rome in the 4th Century AD. Over the last few decades, the Senate has become corrupted and has lost its power and influence. And there is no one to challenge Emperor Diocletian and his army outside the city.

The members of the Senate desire to return to its previous glory and decide to use necromancy. Through this, they created an army of undead and demons to wage war against the Emperor and his imperial soldiers. The undead armies managed to take over and impose themselves on the members of the Senator. This led to the creation of a rift in the common people and made them live in constant fear.

Amidst all these events, an ancient gladiatorial school continued to train the best soldiers for the games. Now the purpose has changed to getting rid of the undead invades and bringing peace to the Roman Empire.

We have listed the key features of the game just for you:

  • Create your characters by choosing from 14 classes
  • Manage and develop your Ludus (Gladiator School) by improving facilities, acquiring gladiators, and crafting new equipment.
  • Explore catacombs and dungeons.
  • Manage your party by changing formation, equipment, and skills: you can try different combinations for every different dungeon.
  • Turn-based combat: think carefully and use your Action Points wisely.