Tatari: The Arrival Steam Release Date Announcement

Proceed With Caution in Tatari: The Arrival

It is almost time to solve some mysteries. Hidden Tower Studios and TheGamesFortress have announced the official release date of Tatari: The Arrival. The game will be available on 23 October for PC via Steam. This version is a free prologue for the game “Tatari” and it will be limited to the first three areas.

Tatari: The Arrival

Tatari is an upcoming first-person adventure game. You play a detective from Tokyo assigned to solve the mysterious disappearance of a young camper. The authorities sent you to conduct some valuable investigation from the last place the person of interest was seen. From that onwards, strange paranormal behavior starts to unravel which is incomprehensible to your logical mind.

However, you continue to follow the evidence that leads you to an abandoned village with so many secrets. It also holds many important details related to the case. All the locations are filled with challenging puzzles that may cost your life. Your purpose is to solve every one of them and get access to forgotten and hidden information. Which will eventually bring you closer to the truth behind all these events.

The game is based on a traditional Japanese urban legend to some extent which you will experience along the way. Overall, it is an interesting spine-chilling game that will deliver a unique experience to every player.