2×4 Nails Demo Version Is Available Now on Steam

Embrace the Real Horror in 2×4 Nails 

We are aware that the next edition of the Steam Next Fest will be a huge one. It will feature many new games and demos. One of the titles that will take the spotlight is 2×4 Nails by Cult Software. The developer has released a demo version of the game on Steam ahead of the fest and it looks gruesome.

2x4 Nails 

2×4 Nails is a first-person horror mystery game. It takes inspiration from the films Se7en and Monolith’s Condemned: Criminal Origins. You play Thomas Greene, an FBI crime scene photographer in Hell City, USA. There is a new drug that is turning every homeless person into violent maniacs.

Moreover, Der, Kannibale, a serial is making things even worse. He has been butchering and feasting on these people while leaving behind various clues at every crime scene. However, the local police are helpless and overwhelmed by the increasing brutality of psycho. So, it is up to the FBI and you to bring Der Kannibale to justice.

As a photographer, Greene doesn’t carry a gun. That means you will have to find and use various weapons to stay alive and get the job done. The weasons include two-by-fours, pipes, fire axes, bricks, beer bottles, and many more. All the while documenting every scene using your camera to solve the mystery.

If you are a fan of horror games, you should definitely keep an eye out for this one.