The Pale Beyond Will Set Out for Nintendo Switch in October

Can You Survive in The Pale Beyond?

It is time to weigh anchor and prepare to set sail! Bellular Studios and Fellow Traveller have announced that The Pale Beyond will arrive at the port of the Nintendo Switch. The game will finally launch in just a week’s time on 6 October. Moreover, this version will bring all the existing content and some bonuses. This includes the latest ‘Epilogue’ update that reveals the fates of the Temperance’s crew members.

The Pale Beyond

The Pale Beyond is a polar exploration survival management game. The story takes place in an unforgiving frozen wasteland. Five years ago, The Viscount and its crew went on an expedition to find the absolute magnetic South. But unfortunately, it came back.

Her sister ship, The Temperance sets sail to find answers regarding the failure of The Viscount. However, the journey quickly becomes a desperate fight for survival against hostile weather, dwindling supplies, and conflicting crewmates.

Players must manage their crew’s resources, including food, water, and fuel. They must also keep their crew warm and healthy, and make difficult decisions about how to allocate their limited resources. It also has a variety of random events, such as blizzards, bear attacks, and shipwrecks. All of these will further challenge their survival skills.

The game features a branching narrative, with the player’s choices affecting the outcome of the story. There are multiple endings to the game, and players can choose to play through it multiple times to see different outcomes.

  • Challenging survival gameplay: Players must manage their resources and make difficult decisions in order to keep their crew alive.
  • Branching narrative: The player’s choices affect the outcome of the story, and there are multiple endings to the game.
  • A rich cast of characters: The player must interact with a variety of characters, each with their own unique personalities and motivations.
  • Historically inspired setting: The game is set in the late 19th century, and features a variety of realistic details about polar exploration.