Graveyard Shift Reveal Trailer Is Finally Here

Can You Handle the Graveyard Shift?

Things are about to get spooky here. DarkPhobia Games and Teaserplay has finally released the reveal trailer of their upcoming game Graveyard Shift. Unfortunately, there is no release date so far but you can put it on your wish list on Steam right now.

Graveyard Shift is a realistic and atmospheric first-person horror game. The story is about a man whose job is to guard the cemetery. Things went quite normal in the morning, however as night approached, strange noises started emanating from the graveyard.

He soon realizes the dangers of the graveyard which is filled with paranormal sounds and unsettling events. He must strive to survive and discover the hidden mystery of this terrifying place.

Players will encounter restless spirits, mysterious veils, and sudden, horrifying events throughout the game. They must use their skills to both survive and unravel the secrets concealed within the cemetery. There are a lot of dark places to explore in the story and their choices will directly impact the outcome.

The developers described the game like this:

  • Frightening scenes; Psychological horror
  • Fear without gore or blood
  • Some spooky bodies

If you are a fan of horror games, then you must definitely keep an eye out for this one