F-Zero 99 Gets a New Update Version 1.0.2

Join the Lightning-Fast Races in F-Zero 99

It has been almost a month since the release of F-Zero 99 by Nintendo on 14 September. And now, they have finally updated the game to version 1.0.2. This latest patch comes along with fixes related to Ranks as well as improvement in the overall experience.

In recent weeks, Nintendo has also added new content to the game. Such as allowing racers to compete against each other on even more tracks.

Here are the patch notes from the Nintendo’s support page:

Fixed Issues Related to Ranks

  • Fixed an issue where the leaderboard will show a player’s level as “0” when they reach level “99.”
  • Fixed an issue where the previous week’s weekly ranking result sometimes cannot be obtained correctly. Fixed an issue where a
  • specific badge cannot be obtained when this bug occurs even though conditions have been met.
  • Even when this bug has previously occurred, save data will be fixed by applying this update and playing the game for a while.

Other Fixes

  • Several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience.

F-Zero 99 is an online multiplayer racing game with battle royale elements. It is based on the original 1990 F-Zero game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). And features a variety of classic tracks and machines. Moreover, it is completely free to download on the Nintendo eShop.

In this game, up to 99 players can compete in a race and the last player remaining wins. Players can eliminate each other by ramming them into walls or other players. Or by depleting their power meter by boosting for too long or getting hit.