ASTROSMASh Shoots Its Way to PC and Consoles

The Return of ASTROSMASH

Astronauts, get ready for an epic cosmic adventure. The video game developer and publisher BBG Entertainment has released a revamped version of the 16-bit game ASTROSMASH. This reimagined classic shoot-em-up features improved visuals and graphics with more challenging levels.

However, it still maintains the original theme and gameplay. It is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Windows and Mac) via Steam.

The game was originally designed by John Sohl for the Intellivision console back in 1981. It quickly became one of the most popular games of that time, selling over one million copies. The game even earned its spot in the top 5 best-selling Intellivision games ever.

In ASTROSMASH, players control a laser cannon that moves horizontally and targets falling objects. This includes meteors, spinning bombs, guided missiles, or a UFO that shows up every now and then. Each target moves at various speeds and it will gradually increase with every level.
The game features a total of ten exciting levels with awesome backgrounds and amazing music. They both synchronize perfectly with the gameplay. They are a masterpiece from the famous composer Tommy Tallarico who has worked on more than 300 game titles.

The key features of the game are:

  • Single player mode
  • Co-op and versus mode
  • Local and online multiplayer modes for up to 4 players (cross-platform)
  • 10 different levels
  • Different kinds of enemies like spaceships, asteroids, UFOs
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Superb sounds compiled and designed by famous game music composer Tommy Tallarico
  • Keyboard and Joystick support