Myth of Empires Returning to Steam in 2024

Myth of Empires Returns

After years of legal disputes, the immersive sandbox game, Myth of Empires (MOE) has announced it is returning to Steam in 2024. Today, after two years of legal battles, Snail Games, Studio Wildcard, and Angela Online Game Technology reached an agreement regarding the distribution of MOE. A press release provides statements from Yi Ling Zheng, President, Angela Game, and Doug Kennedy, Co-founder of Studio Wildcard. Additionally, the release provides more information on the situation and its resolution. 

Myth of Empires promo art

Arriving to Steam in 2021, Myth of Empires was quickly delisted from the platform. Interestingly, the cause of this delisting was due to a copyright claim from Snail Games against Angela. Now, after nearly two years locked in a legal battle, the companies have come to an agreement about distributing the game. According to the release, the resolution includes royalty payments from Angela to Snail Games. 

“By working together, Angela and Snail will put those difficulties behind them. Angela regrets any difficulties it caused Snail and looks forward to moving into this business partnership,” Says Yi Ling Zheng, President, Angela Game, in the press release. 

Furthermore, the release states that, the companies will collaborate for a 2024 re-release of the game. In addition, Snail Games will be dropping its DMCA strike against MOE. Importantly, the companies will work together to bring the game to both PC and consoles. 

“We are pleased to announce this settlement agreement and facilitate the re-release of Myth of Empires which benefits both parties,” Says Doug Kennedy, Co-founder of Studio Wildcard, a Snail Games subsidiary. 

Myth of Empires is returning to Steam sometime in 2024. So, what do you think about the agreement? Are you excited for the return of the game?