Empire of the Ants First Teaser Video Unveiled

Build an Empire of the Ants

Developer Tower Five and publisher Microids are excited to show everyone a glimpse of their upcoming game Empire of the Ants. They have uploaded a reveal teaser video on the official YouTube Channel of Microids. The game is based on Bernard Werber’s science fiction novel of the same name. Moreover, it will launch sometime in 2024.

Empire of the Ants is a colony simulator strategy game. You play as the Ant Savior and your main goal is to lead your people to prosperity. There are plenty of tasks waiting for you such as rebuilding a home, protecting your colony, and conquering new territories.

The game features a lot of exploration and different seasons. Players will experience an immersive adventure and as they defend their lands through tactical measures. Keep this in mind, it is equally important to make alliances with local wildlife as well.

The key features of the game are:

  • Take part in an Epic Adventure – Take the role of a brave ant and explore unique abilities that can help you in battle and exploration
  • A 3D Real-Time Strategy game with progressive difficulty – The game promises an intuitive experience for newcomers and offers a scalable difficulty and adaptable experience for veteran players
  • Explore gorgeous environments and meet the local wildlife – The game will feature a photo-realistic forest to explore with many interactive characters.
  • Photo-realistic – Unreal Engine 5 allows us to push the boundaries of the photo-realistic effect on the plants and wildlife
  • Narrative based on the season’s rhythm – The game features a narrative that follows the rhythm of the seasons. The environment and gameplay mechanics will adapt according to it.
  • Diversity of contrast and adaptation – The maps in the game will change based on the time of day.