Rotten Flesh Official Game Announcement

Shout to Find Roy

Steelkrill Studio, the developer of popular horror titles just announced a new upcoming game called Rotten Flesh for PC. It is a cosmic horror game that is both immersive and innovative. You have to find your dog by shouting his name. Yes, you heard it right, players have to use their microphone to find the dog whose name is ‘ROY’.

Rotten Flesh

Well, to be more precise, the microphone input is totally optional and can be turned off. The control will switch to voice acting instead of calling. However, the developer highly recommends using a microphone for the full experience.

In Rotten Flesh, players will explore deep sewers where the dog got lost. But they have to be very careful because there is something else who can also hear the screams in the tunnel. And for everyone’s information, they are not human at all.

Here are the key features of the game:

– Microphone Input: shout for ‘ROY’ on your microphone to call for your dog. If he is close Roy will bark back. However, your dog is not the only one down these tunnels.

– Terrifying story: Venture the terrifying and disturbing sewers and tunnels that were supposedly occupied by a leading cult. Discover secrets and find your dog, Roy.

– PSX Gameplay: PSX-style graphics combined with cosmic horror will leave players with hair up their skin.

– Puzzle Solving: Find clues, solve puzzles, and try to advance to the next objectives.

– Survival elements: Find objectives, clues, and tools to help you in escaping.

– Stealth System: Try and sneak through the terrifying enemies that can only be seen by scanning them.

– Inventory Management: Find supplies, upgrades, health packs, and more items that will be vital for your survival.

Make sure to check out the official announcement trailer below: