Erenshor Will Receive a Huge Demo Update in November

The First Overhaul for Erenshor

The indie game studio Burgee Media has announced today that a large upgrade is on its way to Erenshor. This game-changing free demo update for the single-player MMORPG will arrive on 10 November (Friday).

The developing team is also planning to present a community stream on Saturday, November 4th at 6 PM EST. It will showcase these demo updates along with some new zones and updates that are currently in development.


This update will introduce crafting and mining for the first time in the game. Players will be able to gather minerals and resources from the world and use them to create incredible weapons.

Here are the key highlights of the crafting patch:

– UI Update: added UI group command buttons and made controlling Sim players more intuitive as well as updating visuals all around!

– Mining and Crafting: Mine fuel and minerals for crafting then head to a crafting forge. Input a fuel source and a blueprint, then craft away.

– Dynamic Weather: Adjustments to day and night cycle and dynamic weather cycle with atmospheric effects and colors. Rain and fog were added.

– QoL updates: A larger gate has been installed in Stowaway’s Step, a keyring has been added, and the main quest has been significantly revamped to provide a more user-friendly path to completion. Additionally, fishing also got some small tweaks.

Brian Burgee, the creative director of Burgee Media said, “We released our Erenshor demo nearly two months ago, and while we were happy with its quality we also knew it had a lot of room for improvement. Based on community feedback, we’ve given it its first overhaul. From better atmospheric lighting to combat balance to crafting skills and just some more clear gameplay objectives, we think that players will really like what they see”