Lies of P Teases New DLC in Director’s Letter

Lies of P Has Teased a New DLC Update in New Director’s Letter Video

NEOWIZ, the renowned game developer and publisher, has a thrilling update for Lies of P enthusiasts. Game Director Jiwon Choi hosts an exciting video to bring players up to speed on the game’s journey since its September 19 launch.

Choi opens with gratitude for helping Lies of P sell over a million units in its first month. Next on the agenda is the upcoming November balance patch, a game-changer. This update introduces significant alterations to weapon and character balance, making the early stages of the game more player-friendly. To express their thanks, players will also receive a new outfit and the ability to separately equip glasses and hats for more character customization freedom.

But the surprises don’t end there. Choi offers a sneak peek at the forthcoming game content for Lies of P, unveiling never-before-seen sketches teasing a portion of what the first DLC will bring. Comprehensive patch notes and detailed DLC information are expected shortly.

Lies of P

Lies of P, inspired by the classic tale of Pinocchio, immerses players in the dark and captivating city of Krat, where deadly puppets and a rampant plague have transformed it into a nightmarish landscape. As a puppet on a quest to become human, players navigate an elegant yet tense world, offering deep combat, character customization, and intricate narrative choices. Remember, in a world riddled with deception, trust is a rare commodity.