NEOWIZ Games Jump into the Steam Lunar New Year Sale

A Happy Lunar New Year For Gamers

The Lunar New Year is almost upon us and the corresponding Steam sale is in full effect. Today, NEOWIZ Games joins the sale offering huge discounts to multiple titles. A press release about the sale and NEOWIZ’s involvement provides more details about the titles that will be appearing, as well as, the discounts fans can expect off of their favorite titles.  

NEOWIZ lunar new year

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is a reoccurring, annual, sale in which all manner of games receive ranging discount prices. From titles like Dark Souls to Total War, to indie games you may not have heard of but want to take a chance on. The Steam Lunar New Year will have games for you and all on sale. The sale even offers reward to players such as chat stickers that you can claim from the Steam Points Shop. 

With NEOWIZ Games joining the sale, players can expect some great titles to come along with them. Games like Pleby Quest: The Crusades and DJMAX Respect V feature discounts of 60% and 70% respectively. In addition games like Skul: The Hero Slayer, that just recently reached 1 million global sales, are also on sale for a considerable discount. Notably the 35% discount fans will find on Skul is its largest ever. So for those interested in the game, the opportunity may be now. 

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is on now. It will be continuing until February 3rd 2022. Players can see a list of participating titles here