Deadness, Unique VR Horror, Launching on Steam in 2022

A Different Take on VR Horror 

Have you ever imagined yourself alone in somewhere old and abandoned? Thought about the fear and paranoia setting in until you begin to realize you’re not as alone as you’d like to be. Now imagine if you couldn’t walk. ALIEN Studio’s upcoming horror game, Deadness, will fulfil these dark fears. A press release about the game details the uniqueness of ALIEN Studio’s VR horror experience. 

Deadness feature

Deadness places players in an eerie research facility. And you aren’t alone. The dead stalk the shadowy halls of the facility, while you the player struggle to hide and survive. Furthermore, the player character is in a wheelchair. The game limits your character’s movement to just hands and head, as you must use your wheelchair to move around. All of this while you try to navigate a hyper realistic environment and avoid being eaten by the dead that hunt you. 

The press release describes the game’s unique take on VR and movement saying, “Unlike other VR games, where players suffer from motion sickness, the game has a unique mechanic where you can only move using your hands which control all the movements as you would in real life sitting on a wheelchair.” 

As of right now a release date for the game remains a mystery. ALIEN Studio’s has said that it will release this year. Additionally, the game will release on Steam VR and Vive. Are you prepared to face the dead? You cannot run, you can’t fight. Will you survive?