Steven Ritz

Steven is rocket scientist by day and a game reviewer by night. Located in sunny Los Angeles, he spends his spare time soaking up what LA has to offer as well as reviewing games for PC and PS4. If you are ever wandering around the western foothills of the Angeles Forest and hear terrible banjo music, that’s probably Steven. As far as games he mostly prefers tactics and strategy games as well as RPGs, but is known to go off on a MOBA binge from time to time.

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Boundless Review – Not Completely Without Bounds

Boundless is a recent entry into the sandbox MMO genre, and one that falls a little short of meeting those lofty goals it sets for itself. Boundless has been in early access for the last 4 years and has a lot to show for the official release. Still, sometimes a player driven world leaves newcomers feeling a bit underprepared.

The Great C is a Combination of a Great VR Experience and Phenomenal Story Telling

Secret Location, traditionally a game studio, has put together a VR experience that’s a telling of the Philip K. Dick short story The Great C. It’s a narrative set in a post-apocalyptic world, after a powerful AI super computer reigns over the last remaining humans. The story follows a young woman whose fiance was chosen for the village pilgrimage, a journey that we are led to believe few have survived.