New ‘Razer Abyssus Essential’ Mouse Does More Than Just Cover the Essentials

The Abyssus Essential is a Simple Yet Fully Capable Mouse

When it comes to gaming mice, Razer knows how to deliver a quality experience. The new Abyssus Essential is a great addition to the Razer family of peripherals and offers a comfortable design for long sessions of gaming. What’s more, lefties will rejoice over the symmetrical design of the mouse which allows for ambidextrous use.

As far as technical specs go the Abyssus boasts a 7,200 DPI optical sensor, allowing for maximum accuracy while aiming in an FPS. Once you have your enemies in your crosshairs, you’ll use the Razer Hyperesponse buttons to finish the job. The tactile click of the left and right buttons feels like it’s on a hairline trigger, and the mousewheel click produces a satisfying thunk without much resistance either. This mouse is essentially designed to be the most comfortable extension of your hand as possible. Though it’s hard to argue against the convenience of extra side buttons on a mouse, the commitment to being an ambidextrous, gaming fundamentals mouse is paramount in the Abyssus’s design.

Since the Abyssus runs on Razer Chroma, the light effects on this mouse are completely customizable. When synced up with other Razer gear using the Razer Synapse software, your whole Razer setup will glow to your whim. Some may argue how this is something necessary in a fundamentals mouse, but in this day and age customization is king. It might not help your KDR, but the sweet colors coming from your battle station should keep you in good spirits.

The Razer Abyssus Essential is a great, straightforward mouse that not only covers the essentials twice over by providing great technical specs where it matters most: sensitivity, button response, and comfort.