Lucas Raycevick

Playing his first video game at the young age of four, editing his first video at the age of ten, and voicing his first review at the age of thirteen – regretfully – Lucas Raycevick has passionately discussed games and entertainment online for the last five years. Analytical and skeptical, Lucas Raycevick views everything with a trained eye under a keen scope. Every year, this brutally honest critic searches for the select few games that transcend being time killers or escapist fantasies, and become a truly mind opening experience. Recently graduating from Capilano University, Lucas Raycevick currently resides in British Columbia, Canada.

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Black Desert Online: 5 Essential Tips To Get You Started

MMO’s are notorious for being unforgiving to those who aren’t familiar with the genre. Cinematic storytelling and tight focused modes are exchanged for sprawling open worlds with an untold amount of things to do in them. MMO newbie and COG’s own Lucas Raycevick explains what to do for fellow beginner’s.