Black Desert Online: 5 Essential Tips To Get You Started

MMORPG’s are my video-gaming equivalent of rap music, it’s just not my thing. I didn’t grow up with World of Warcraft or Everquest, most of my friends were into other genres, and my preference for tight action packed games that are instantly satisfying doesn’t translate to a genre that requires time and devotion to get the full enjoyment.

Black Desert Online; however, is catching the eyes of many players with a fast-paced combat system, high quality graphics, and heavy customization. This list is for those who are like me, uninterested in guilds, texts, or complicated jargon, and just want to jump in. So sit back and enjoy these essential tips for Black Desert Online beginners.



This may sound a little contradictory, but hear me out. Black Desert Online doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to its graphics, they are beautiful on a tough PC, but also demanding. That’s why it’s worth it to experiment with the optimization settings such as bordering, internal resolution textures, and lighting. Ensuring a consistent frame-rate is key to getting everything you can out of the combat system in this game, since it’s much more focused on real time combos than other MMO’s. The final step in earning consistent performance is to also avoid overrun servers, which has become easier since launch day.

“T” Key is Your Friend

“T” activates your auto run mode in Black Desert Online and it’s fantastic. You may occasionally need to readjust your character model when it collides into a tree but for the most part, auto run allows you to upgrade skill trees, equip new items, and manage your quests while on the move. It’s always best to multi-task so don’t ever stand still when doing anything in a menu, since you’re always able to proceed while running.

Black Desert Featured


Early on in Black Desert Online, the game echoes many of Jonathan Blow’s criticisms of Japanese game design, despite not being a Japanese game. NPC’s will give you a seemingly endless stream of people you need to speak to. Those who are impatient like me, will be best off clearing these NPC’s early on and earn the experience you get from them to invest in upgrades. It makes the later game more enjoyable to, since you won’t have to go back and talk to NPC’s you missed during the opening stages.

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