Top 10 Most Wanted Hyrule Warriors DLC Characters

Over the course of its life cycle, Hyrule Warriors received an amazing amount of content. So imagine our surprise when its 1.5 edition, Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS, was to receive even more content and be made available on Wii U as well. Just recently a season pass was announced for Hyrule Warriors new DLC content which is to include 4 new DLC packs. Even more recently, details on these DLC packs were fleshed out to include more weapons, more adventure maps, and most excitingly, more characters. Nintendo made it clear that owners of both Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends were to receive a free character download in the near future for Medli, Windwakers Earth Sage.

These four new DLC packs will be based on the Zelda titles Windwaker, Link’s Awakening, Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks, and A Link Between Worlds. Altogether four new characters to be added during the course of these DLC packs with one each being added for Links Awakening and Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks, and two for A Link Between Worlds. Our best guess at these characters are Marin for Link’s Awakening, Linebeck (with a Linebeck III costume) for Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks, and both Ravio and Yuga for A Link Between Worlds.

With those four set aside as assumed inclusions, let’s dive right into our top 10 most wanted Hyrule Warriors DLC characters!


10 – The Dark Wizard, Agahnim (A Link to the Past)

To start off our list we have Agahnim, a villain that appeared so early in the series that he even predates Ganondorf. Agahnim appeared in the SNES debut of the Legend of Zelda in 1992, and has never been seen since. While he may be a relative unknown for some younger gamers, he is absolutely a blast of nostalgia for those of us that were old enough to play the game when it released.

The Dark Wizard Agahnim has in his arsenal some of the most iconic attacks for the Legend of Zelda boss fights as a whole. Bouncing an energy ball back at its sender? Yeah, that started with this guy. Rotating balls of flame, lightning strikes across the ground, and teleportation fill out the rest of his repertoire and make for a fighter full of Hyrule Warriors potential. A floating Crystal Ball would be his weapon of choice, either focusing his spells through it, or lobbing it at his opponents for some physical damage.

Hyrule Warriors Aganhim (1280x828)


9 – Groose, the Skyward Troublemaker (Skyward Sword)

Next up is Groose. Groosinator. The Grooseman from Grooseland. This strange and eccentric fellow is an unlikely hero to be sure, but if our boy Tingle can shine in the spotlight then so can Groose. Groose is the overly confident, narcissistic puts-too-much-product-in-his-hair rival of Link’s in Skyward Sword. While he isn’t really seen giving the smack down on too many baddies, we’re sure he’s got some moves hiding in that stylish cloak of his.

For a man as big and….um….graceful as Groose, one and only one weapon will do. The Whip. The Whip debuted alongside Groose in Skyward Sword, so they’re a perfect match. Groose also seems like the kind of fella that doesn’t want no Deku Baba messing with his doo, so lashing attacks from a distance really do seem to gel (pun intended). Grabbing one enemy to throw them into another, spinning around Chinese ribbon dancer style, and an extra-long melee range could make Groose truly stand apart from the other fighters.

Hyrule Warriors Groose (800x450)

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