3DS Emulator Citra Makes It to Meta Quest

Citra Emulator’s Voyage into Virtual Reality Unveils Beta Launch on Meta Quest Platform

The emulation world just witnessed a surprising announcement. Citra, the renowned open-source 3DS emulator, is set to embark on a new frontier as it introduces CitraVR, a native OpenXR application designed for the Meta Quest platform. Scheduled for release on January 20th, 2024, this transformative step promises to deliver an immersive experience for gaming enthusiasts seeking to explore the vast library of Nintendo 3DS titles in a virtual environment.

As reported by UploadVR, CitraVR’s beta launch will be facilitated through SideQuest and GitHub, bypassing Steam due to legal challenges faced by the Dolphin emulator. The application offers users the opportunity to play 3DS titles legally by enabling game dumping through a modified 3DS. While downloading ROMs is an option, it’s important to note that Citra does not endorse or encourage such practices.

Navigating CitraVR on the Meta Quest platform will be a seamless experience, allowing users to select their games through a visible 2D panel in the Quest’s home interface. Once in-game, the perspective seamlessly transitions into a full 3DS display, creating an authentic gaming atmosphere within the virtual realm.

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Developer Amanda Watson emphasizes that the performance of CitraVR will be contingent on the specific game being played. Additionally, Watson clarified that the emulator will not support original Nintendo DS titles. This development follows Citra’s previous expansion to Android in 2020, where it garnered acclaim for its comprehensive support and functionality.

CitraVR represents a significant stride in the convergence of emulation and virtual reality, providing users with an innovative way to engage with classic Nintendo 3DS titles. As the beta version takes its inaugural step into the Meta Quest landscape, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the possibilities and experiences that CitraVR will unlock in the realm of virtual Nintendo adventures.