BloxAR Bringing Tetris-Puzzles to Meta Quest

Moving Blocks Just got Real

Taking the base idea of Tetris and placing it in a 3D world is easier said than done. Yet, the limitation of flat screens and complicated controls render the game’s difficult or unauthentic. However, that could be about to change. Today, BloxAR Game is happy to announce that their AR/VR Tetris-style game, BloxAR, is out now on Meta Early Access. Interestingly, the game takes the block breaking puzzle approach of its predecessor and transports it to an AR environment. Of course, this means players will have complete control over the blocks that will show up in a completely realistic world. 


BloxAR removes the frantic, rhythmic, style of Tetris and replaces it. Instead, the game offers a more laid back, relaxing, approach to the block stacking puzzle genre. Interestingly, the game integrates the board into the real world using VR technology. This means that players can choose how big they want the blocks, rotate them in real time, walk around the puzzle to explore options, and more. Of course, players can also customize the size of the blocks. For instance, players can choose to make the blocks as small as a phone or as large as building itself. Additionally, players can explore different puzzles and even an endless mode. 

Importantly, BloxAR is in the Early Access stages of its development. The developers have promised more modes to come in a press release, yet for now, three puzzles are available. Check out the trailer for the game below. 

BloxAR is available now in early access for Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro. More information is available on Meta’s store.