Steam Breaks Its Own Record for Games Released in 2023

A Year of Releases 

Steam is a massive distributor. This goes without saying. With a catalogue of over 90,000 games, it is the home to every kind of game players could want. Continually, the distributor adds more titles. In fact, it has even broken its own record. Today, Steam analytics site SteamDB released information explaining that Steam set a new record for games released in 2023. Of course, amongst those releases there were some massive names. Yet, the sheer scale of the games released last year is still surprising. It is the small names that all add up. 

Steam Deal

In 2023 Steam released 14,535 games. Amazingly, this means that Steam was releasing 40 games a day throughout the entire year. Interestingly, this is nearly 2000 more games than previously released in 2022. Of course, there was some massive games released on Steam this year. Yet, some stood out by rating alone. For instance, games like Lethal Company, Dave the Diver, and Baldur’s Gate 3, all stood out amongst the tens of thousands of arrivals to the store this year. 

Aside from large stand out titles, there were many indie arrivals in 2023. In fact, 6405 indie games arrived alongside the biggest titles. Of course, the previously mentioned Lethal Company was one such game which turned out to be a late year hit. Of course, these indie titles function as a large section of the whole which adds to the trend of continued growth for Steam. 

Now, as a distributor there is no denying that Steam is the largest. Its catalogue is impressive and, apparently, ever-growing. However, members of the gaming community can rejoice knowing that there are many, many, more titles out there to enjoy in the gaming world.