Smite World Championship Crowns New Champs: Jade Dragons

The Season X World Champs 

The Smite World Championship has come to a close. The weekend was full of exciting moments, clashes between the best players in the world, and new winners. Yesterday, the Smite World Championship crowned its new winners, the Jade Dragons. Yes, after a game five victory the Jade Dragons managed to close out the set with the Oni Warriors. Of course, the matches were exciting and often had fans on the edge of their seats as the two teams battled back and forth. Yet, in the end it truly became the year of the dragon. 


Both the Jade Dragons and the Oni Warriors had been put to the test this Smite World Championship. In fact, the Dragons had a face-off against the number one seeded team in the pro-league, The Styx Ferrymen, and left them ashes after a reverse sweep. The Warriors on the other hand dealt a decisive defeat to the Atlantis Leviathans. Obviously, both teams more than earned their place in the grand finales, and they proved it. The Dragons kicked off the matches with a 2-0 lead on the Warriors, handing the Warriors’ support, Genetics, his first losses ever on the SWC stage.

Importantly, the entire team got to lift the coveted hammer of the Smite champions. However, the Dragons’ mid-laner Dardez outperformed everyone. The Morrigan main earns the MVP trophy alongside his world championship win.


With the announcement of Smite 2, the season X SWC marks the end of the pro-league for Smite. The SPL will be starting again in Smite 2, but for now, fans will say goodbye to a decade of action and look to the future of the Esport.

Smite is available for free on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.