Soulmask Gets Primitive With First Trailer

Lead a Tribe and Survive

Prepare to step into an ancient world. A world full of strange creatures, warring tribes, and mysteries. Of course, it won’t be easy surviving here. You and your people will start from scratch with hardly any shelter, and only a small number of tribesmen. Yet, perhaps you will survive this world and develop something great. Today, developer Campfire Studio and publisher Qooland Games are happy to reveal the first trailer for their upcoming sandbox survival game, Soulmask. Introducing players to a primitive world, the game allows players to explore as they see fit, building homes, developing weapons, and surviving amidst an unforgiving setting.


Soulmask places players in the role of the “Last One”. Escaping from a ritualistic sacrifice, players will enter a primitive land full of ancient and mysterious religions and strange creatures. Most importantly, there are also tribes. Players will be building their very own tribe from the ground. Interestingly, almost any interactable NPC in the vast world of the Continent can be recruited by the player to join their tribe. Yet, that is the easy part. The difficulty of the game comes from the survival aspects. Of course, there are various monsters, tribal warfare, and more to be on the look out for. Importantly, only the one blessed with the mysterious mask will be able to lead their people to become apex predators in this horrific prehistoric world.

Of course, Soulmask is giving players a glimpse of its world and gameplay in the new trailer. Check out the trailer below.

Soulmask is releasing for PC via Steam in 2024.