Elden Ring Expansion: Clues Emerge on Steam

Anticipation Grows as Elden Ring Developers Tweak Backend, Hinting at Shadow of the Erdtree Announcement

Elden Ring enthusiasts find themselves on the edge of their seats as subtle changes to the game’s backend on Steam have ignited fervent speculation about the imminent announcement of the highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. The discovery, made by eagle-eyed Elden Ring YouTuber Ziostorm and shared on X/Twitter, centers around a new application that has been added to the Downloadable Content section of Elden Ring’s Steam page, marking a significant development since the game’s launch.

While Ziostorm maintained cautious optimism by stating, “I’m not saying it’s 100% Shadow of the Erdtree, but there’s a pretty good chance it is,” the Elden Ring community, spread across various online platforms, is abuzz with excitement. Speculation about an impending announcement has reached a fever pitch, with Reddit user JoRads asserting, “Announcement must be imminent,” and Hector_Savage_ chiming in with, “Definitely. It’s a matter of days now, or even less.”

The recent Steam update aligns with an earlier rumor that gained traction, hinting at a collaboration between Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco and accessory creator Thrustmaster, which suggested a February release for Shadow of the Erdtree. This convergence of clues has intensified the anticipation among fans, who are eagerly awaiting official confirmation from the developers.

However, it’s worth noting that Elden Ring enthusiasts have experienced heightened expectations before, particularly during The Game Awards 2023, where many anticipated an announcement that never materialized. This time, the signs appear more promising, with the SteamDB revelation adding substance to the prevailing excitement.

Shadow of the Erdtree, unveiled in March 2023, promised Elden Ring players a substantial expansion, accompanied by a tantalizing piece of concept art. The artwork featured a character astride a spectral steed, gazing towards a horizon dominated by a dying Erdtree. If the anticipated announcement manifests, Shadow of the Erdtree is poised to become the principal expansion for Elden Ring, reminiscent of acclaimed expansions like Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters and Dark Souls 3’s The Ringed City.