Top 10 Most Wanted Hyrule Warriors DLC Characters

8 – Spirit Sage Nabooru (Ocarina of Time)

Coming in at number eight is a character that many seasoned Zelda veterans will know. Nabooru, leader of the Gerudo and Sage of the Spirit Temple starred in the worldly renowned Ocarina of Time. As far as major plot-point characters a concerned, she had very little screen time, but made very good use of it. You aid her as both young, and adult Link, and after her capture by Ganondorf’s minions becomes a pretty awesome miniboss fight.

Instead of doing the obvious thing with Nabooru, wouldn’t it be awesome if they did the other obvious thing? Clear as mud? I’m talking about putting her into her Iron Knuckle suit and slapping a big old Great Axe into her mitts! Nabooru would be a lumbering and slow but amazingly powerful hero capable of crushing even the strongest enemies with only a few swings. Another option for Nabooru’s weapon already exists on an overly equipped Link. That’s right; I’m talking about the Gauntlets.

Hyrule Warriors Nabooru


7 – King Igos Du Ikana (Majora’s Mask)

One of the more chilling moments of Majora’s Mask is walking into the final boss room of Ikana Castle and seeing the still, skeletal, figure of King Igos Du Ikana upon the throne. While the fight sequence isn’t the most difficult among bosses, the character stands as one of the more memorable. Ikana is neither truly good nor truly evil, but he is a formidable warrior that will stop at nothing to cut down those that oppose his kingdom.

King Ikana is a gladiator to be sure. With a powerful shield in one hand and his trusty Gladius in the other, it’s clear that none intimidate him. Much of Ikana’s repertoire of moves can be pulled directly from his attacks in Majora’s Mask; a detachable head which moves and attacks on its own, breath of purple flames, and broad sweeping strikes would all be included. Other gaps could easily be filled with moves from various forms of Stalfos and Bubbles across the ages.

Hyrule Warriors king_of_ikana (900x577)

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