Top 10 Most Wanted Hyrule Warriors DLC Characters

4 – Lokomo Champion Byrne (Spirit Tracks)

Is he a man? Is he a freight train? Well…he’s mostly just a man but he has a cool arm! This Lokomo Champion is a good guy turned bad guy in Spirit Tracks that will stop at nothing to revive the Demon King Malladus. While Byrne himself isn’t actually a bad dude, he did get himself tangled up in some pretty seedy stuff (Demons, never once). Byrne eventually sees the light, but not before you give him a much needed smack down.

Just looking at him makes Byrne’s weapon of choice clear…it is attached to him after all. His mechanized arm can be shot out at great lengths to drag enemies forward swinging them around wildly. With an arm that functions much like a hookshot it would be very likely to see him latching onto the ground and pulling himself forward through crowds of bogies bowling ball style. Strike! Something we don’t see in Spirit Tracks but would make for an interesting addition is to see his arm transform and take on different shapes to fill different needs. Arm cannon anyone?

Hyrule Warriors Byrne_Zelda (1024x701)


3 – Rauru, the Sage of Light (Ocarina of Time)

Depending on your outlook, Rauru is either completely unremarkable, or the most interesting character in all of Ocarina of Time. Personally we are a part of the latter camp. Who is he? Where did he come from? Why did he remain a Sage while the others slept? Why does his bloody owl talk so goddamn much? Or is that him talking through the owl? Either way he needs to cool his jets because we’re on our fifteenth playthrough, god.

While thinking about Rauru and all of the things that revolve around his character, we got a strong Falconry vibe from the dude. Imagine a fighter with an owl perched on one arm, and a blade made of light (Twilight Princess) in the opposite hand. Now that’s a badass. Many, many combos could involve his own attacks, the owl’s attacks, and both of them combined. And if that wasn’t cool enough we could throw in some sprinkles of time distortion and manipulation. He is the Sage of the Temple of Time all.

Hyrule Warriors Raaru_sageoflight (786x1017)

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