Top 10 Most Wanted Hyrule Warriors DLC Characters

6) Dread Captain Scervo – Skyward Sword

This point is one that can be argued, but we maintain that Scervo is the most striking and memorable miniboss fight across the entirety of Skyward Sword. Theres something satisfying (and badass) to said about a mechanical pirate. While he had very little importance to the plot and story of the game he appeared in, we still think he’d make a great, and interesting addition.

Scervo has all the pirate-y bells and whistles. A hook, some swords, and (naturally) an awesome hat. Of course because he’s also a pirate those items become twice as cool. His hook is more hook-y, his swords are both drills and electrified, and he may have some literal bells and whistles hiding in a compartment somewhere. Scervo’s addition would mark new ground for Hyrule Warriors roster as none of them have had any sort mechanical themes in the past. His weapon of choice would be his faithful Drill Sword.

Hyrule Warriors zelda-scervo (1000x772)


5 – Yeto, The Snowpeak Beast (Twilight Princess)

Love it or hate it Twilight Princess did quite a few things very well. One such instance was the lead up to the introduction of Yeto, the Snowpeak Beast. A long quest chain and an arduous journey up a chilling spire lead to a mysterious and imposing shadowy figure…who ended up being a complete goof-ball. This sweet heart only wanted a tasty fish to go into his sick wife’s soup! Awwww.

Picture this…a giant rampaging hulk of a hero tearing up all that stands in his way with his strong tree-trunk arms and a…fish? Yes, you heard it here. We are proposing that Yeto the Yeti use a gigantic flopping Reekfish as his weapon of choice. Why not add some insult to the inevitable injury of your foes in the form of fish shaped welt or two. Of course that wouldn’t be all there is to our frozen friend. This gentle giant is an ally to all the snowy creatures of the mountain and can call them in with a whistle. Or why not kick up some snow and dirt into the eyes of the enemy with your icy sleigh while laughing that jolly laugh he does? He’s like a fluffy, scary, Santa Clause.

Hyrule Warriors Yeto_snowpeak (1024x576)

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