Astromeda Free Demo Version Is Now Live on Steam

Dive Deep Into the World of Astromeda

The indie game developer Liran Kamisa has officially launched the free demo version of Astromeda for PC via Steam. The game has already started its Kickstarter Campaign as well. Moreover, its full release will take place sometime in 2024 and it will come out on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles too.


ASTROMEDA is an adventure RPG inspired by titles like UNDERTALE, Hollow Knight, Celeste, and Pokemon. The game is full of lovable, quirky characters, along with unique gameplay mechanics. It perfectly blends fast-paced and turn-based battles in a mysterious, charming world.

The background of the story is that an asteroid had struck the Earth and ended all life. An alien bacteria emerged from the ruins of the asteroid. It multiplied rapidly by absorbing the leftover DNA of humans and animals on Earth. This resulted in the formation of a new race of thriving bacteria and formed a peaceful colony.

The Earth became inhabitable for human beings again many years later. Four survivors, who were lucky enough to escape the Asteroid finally return to Earth without knowing what will happen to them.

The key features are:

– A unique battle system that combines exciting fast-paced and turn-based gameplay.
– Beautiful original art, with the addition of 3D pixel art styles to enhance the visuals!
– An original soundtrack full of personality.
– A narrative brimming with soul, rich in character, and laced with humor.
– You have the power to change the world… and the story.
– You can pet a Bacteria or more and get gold.
– If you don’t pet the Bacteria you die.