Inevitable Studios Reveals Heartfelt and Emotional “Always in Mind”

Always in Mind Revealed

Inevitable Studios, led by industry veteran Cord Smith (known for his work with Compulsion Games, Square Enix, UBISOFT, and Sega), has revealed its debut game, “Always in Mind.” This unique project is born out of the studio’s passion for creating meaningful gaming experiences with a talented team spanning the globe.

“Always in Mind” is a narrative-based action platformer that challenges players to escape the confines of their own minds using extraordinary powers acquired by reliving family stories from the past. The game’s premise offers a fresh take on the action platformer genre, making it a must-watch title for gamers.

The story unfolds when a sudden accident lands 12-year-old Teddy in the hospital, pushing him into a coma. In this dire situation, Teddy’s only hope lies in a long-dormant AI implant known as “Proxy.” Thanks to Proxy’s access to networked surveillance cameras, Teddy becomes aware of his predicament, realizing that he must embark on a journey of self-realization to regain consciousness.

However, navigating the labyrinthine landscape of his own mind will not be a straightforward task. Teddy will need assistance from an unlikely source: the advice and stories of the mother he never had the chance to know. Proxy breathes life into these maternal narratives through interactive simulations, bestowing Teddy with new abilities that prove indispensable for exploring the intricate depths of his own psyche.

Throughout his adventure, Teddy will learn the power of connection, the significance of family, and the pivotal role of the mind in his rite of passage towards becoming a responsible and empathetic young man. “Always in Mind” promises a heartfelt and emotionally charged gaming experience, which is a refreshing departure from traditional action platformers.

Cord Smith, the founder and game director at Inevitable Studios, shared his excitement about the project, stating, “Always in Mind is our debut game and the product of our ambition to craft authentic, positive, and unique experiences that we feel the industry – and the world – need right now. By blending powerful narrative themes with intuitive controls and deep action-oriented gameplay, we invite gamers of all skill levels to experience the mind-bending, heartwarming moments we hope they’ll discuss and cherish for years to come.”

Source: Press Release