Next Halo Infinite Map is a Remake of a Halo 5 Fan-Favorite

Halo Infinite Plus One

The development of Halo Infinite keeps trucking along. Slow and steady more often than not, but with reasonably-long seasons and fresh new progression, the game is officially “getting there”! And tomorrow, there’ll be another addition to the game: a new map! Its name is Solitude, but to any Halo 5 players out there, you may know it by a different name.

Halo 5’s infamous reputation is due almost entirely to its single-player campaign. The multiplayer is generally viewed in extremely high regard. Bringing that kind of quality into a multiplayer-centric experience like Halo Infinite is probably a good move.

Interestingly, this remake would mark Plaza’s first incarnation on a PC platform. Halo’s other premier PC experience, the Master Chief Collection, is simply missing any of Halo 5. No plans to introduce it, either. And while this certainly isn’t the first time Halo Infinite has remade content from a previous title, it is the first time Halo 5 has been a headliner. The game’s only seen loose remakes of its helmets appear in Halo Infinite’s customization, and given the massive art style shift they look rather distinct from their original versions.

An official post on Halo Waypoint showcases some deeper insights from 343 Industries.

Solitude is very close to being a 1:1 remake in terms of spacing,” says one of the map’s designers, “but the height and overall verticality of the map has been adjusted. There are some pieces of gameplay that inevitably won’t translate between Halo 5 and Halo Infinite because they play quite differently, but this is a map that aims to be true to the original with lots of cool new gameplay opportunities afforded by Halo Infinite’s sandbox toys.”