343 Industries Sneaks a Custom Games Browser into Halo Infinite

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Well Spartans, this is it – the greatest challenge you’ll face in Halo Infinite. Perhaps it’ll involve bouncing a ball of death around to score goals. Maybe it’s one-hit-kill paintballs. Or maybe it’s just a group of capital-G Gamers willing to mic up and talk trash about your mother. Whatever your weakness is, Halo Infinite’s custom games browser has it ready to go. And 343 Industries just sorta slipped it into the game.

This isn’t some hidden technique you need external programs to access, like how it was for Forge mode. It’s a full, real update, messaging and all. There’s even a trailer!

And for some reason, the update doesn’t stop there. All spartan cores are now freely available to all Halo Infinite players, and all default colors are now available to all cores. That’s right – 343 has once again dipped their toes into cross-core customization, and though it’s a minor step, it’s a vast improvement from the “literal nothing” we’ve gotten since visors went cross-core oh so long ago.

343 Industries didn’t warn anybody about this update’s contents. The entire Halo Infinite playerbase just kinda got blindsided with (debatably) the coolest thing to happen to the game since launch. The Winter Update comes close, though. Needless to say, they are absolutely freaking out right now. Both in online forums, and in the game itself. Usually while bouncing around a ball of death and/or firing one-hit-kill paintballs. Trash talk optional.

halo infinite next update ranked doubles visor customization

But that’s just them – what about you? If you haven’t played in a while, is this enough to get you back into Halo Infinite? if you’re already playing, what custom games would you recommend other players try out? We’d love to see your tastes in the comments down below!