A Sneaky Trick Lets Players Access Halo Infinite’s Unreleased Forge Mode

Halo Infinite Forge Mode is Un-Officially Playable, With a Catch

It’s no secret that Halo Infinite has been struggling for content. Nobody questions the game’s quality, but the slow drip-feed of new content has left some fans wanting more. With 343 unable to keep up with content demand, the game’s community has taken it upon themselves to fill that void themselves. Even if it’s a method 343 Industries may not be too happy with.

Recently, 343 Industries put out a test flight for members of the Halo Insider program. They’re currently polishing up the co-op campaign infrastructure, and have put it into player’s hands already. But, perhaps unknowingly, they left a little something special in the game’s code. With a bit of trickery, halo insiders are fully able to just load up forge mode in halo infinite. As a result, they can play with all the tools it makes available.

Do note: this trick requires outside tools, and doesn’t come without risk. Avoid doing this with any accounts you care about, and be vigilant to protect your computer’s data. Security risks are everywhere on this wild and wacky web!

Already, tutorials have been created for the various features unique to Halo Infinite’s forge. Scripting, terrain manipulation, creating custom gear, and more – all released by the same user in the above video.

After a hands-on experience, many fans are left confused, asking “why this hasn’t been publicly released yet?”. They argue that Halo Infinite’s content is desperately in need of the community’s creativity. Forge mode may be a perfect vessel for that, if only it was made more accessible.

For that question, 343 Industries has not given a response. And to be fair, the idea of signal-boosting something like this may not be in their interests.