343 Industries Shows Off Halo Infinite Co-op Multiplayer Gameplay

Take Flight

Public test flights for Halo Infinite co-op will begin toward the end of this month. At the end of June, 343 Industries’ John Mulkey and Isaac Bender answered some questions related to the game’s long awaited co-op feature. Yesterday, they showed it to us in action with some gameplay.

John Mulkey and Isaac Bender are joined by Brian Jarrard and Ron Brown, community director and program manager for Halo Infinite respectively. When they get into it, we can see some classic splitscreen co-op, though they are likely playing on different monitors.

Halo Infinite

One thing they explain is that Halo Infinite scales in different ways to the number of players in the session. Enemies will adapt their offensive and defensive actions depending on how many Master Chiefs there are. Ammo containers will also replenish more with more players. During cutscenes, any player can also skip cinematics for the whole team; no voting necessary.

Something that the team demonstrates in co-op is how the Grapple Shot works on teammates. If you grapple a moving teammate, their momentum will fling you harder and faster than grappling to a stationary object. It will be interesting to see videos of four players rubber-banding each other all over the map.

In a previous interview, the development team mentioned how players will have to stay within a certain range of each other before being forced back to the others. When one of the players tries to go AWOL, he gets pretty far away before having to come back, giving players a generous amount of space to play with.

If you enjoyed seeing the possibilities of what you can do in co-op, Halo Infinite is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Co-op test flight will begin this month.

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