343 Industries Sheds Light on Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign

You Gotta Work Together

It seems like a quite a while since Halo Infinite came out. To the ire of a lot of fans, the game did not launch with co-op campaign… or Forge… and a couple of other Halo staples.

For a while, the plan has been for co-op to launch with Season 2 of Halo Infinite. That plan seems to be on schedule, as test flights for co-op will be starting toward the end of July. On Halo Waypoint, Isaac Bender and John Mulkey answered a few questions concerning the upcoming co-op update. Isaac Bender is the Principle Software Engineer Lead and John Mulkey is the Lead World Designer.

Halo Infinite

There are a few details we can glean from their answers concerning co-op. Halo Infinite will support up to 4 players at once. However, even though the game is open-world, players will be restricted to the proximity of their teammates. If one player strays too far, there will be a distance warning, followed by death.

There is also the matter of tracking progress. Collectibles, Spartan Cores, and other unlockables will be tracked for all players for their own saves. When joining a Fireteam, players will choose an existing save slot or new save to start. While playing a co-op game, progress gained and collectibles found will track for that save slot in single player.

The entire interview/FAQ can be found on Halo Waypoint. Halo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It is included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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