Halo Infinite Season 3 Launches with Avalanche of Content

The patch notes for the Halo Infinite Season 3 update is 20 sections long. Not 20 individual updates, 20 distinct categories on the official update page. One of the game’s most common complaints was the lack of content available – clearly, 343 hopes that this will resolve players’ concerns.

Kicking things off with a new narrative event, a new battle pass *and* two free new armor cores, Halo Infinite’s season 3 update contains more content than we can realistically cover here. But we can give the highlights!

First off, the battle pass comes with a purchase incentive! “Players who purchase either Premium Pass option will receive the new Redsteel Splinter Armor Coating for all seven Armor Cores.” It’s a dark metallic steel coating with a hint of modern camo, along with red highlights.

But it’s not just about paid goodies here. All players, new or old, will get three new free armor coatings – all black, with secondary highlights of red, blue, or green. Of course, these are available for every core as well.

In terms of gameplay, the Halo Infinite sandbox saw a ton of new updates. Three new maps, a new gamemode, a new piece of equipment, and a new weapon, all find their way into the game. That weapon in particular may be familiar to fans of Halo: Reach – it’s the fan-favorite DMR, minus the scope, and boasting a new name: the Bandit.

Being a precision weapon, the Bandit will also appear in a special variant of the Tactical Slayer playlist.

And that’s only a surface-level breakdown. So, will you be jumping back into the game? What’s the first thing you’ll be doing in the new update? I know where I’ll be. We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!