Halo Infinite Co-Op & Forge Open Beta Are Coming Next Month

Halo Infinite Devs Reveal Winter Update Details

Halo Infinite fans have a few reasons to rejoice following an announcement from the devs today. 343 Industries confirmed to the gaming public that mission replay, campaign network co-op, a new 30-tier Battle Pass, and Forge open beta are coming to the game next month. According to the devs, they will be part of the game’s next major update.

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Halo Infinite’s Winter Update is due for launch on November 8th. With that said, fans are definitely excited to try out the campaign network co-op and the mission replay. After all, they have long been requesting for these features to be added to the game.

The arrival of these new features will happen more than a couple months following 343’s sad news. Devs had already confirmed to the gaming public that split screen co-op will not be coming to Halo Infinite. This announcement hugely saddened the franchise’s fans. After all, that particular feature has been a mainstay of the series ever since its first installment. 

Halo Infinite fans are still discussing among themselves how devs are going to implement co-op in the game. The game has the first semi-open world campaign for the franchise. This is very different from its traditional mission-based campaigns for individual players.

If you have collected a Spartan Core, it is still interactive and any one of us can activate it to collect it,” Campaign Lead Designer John Mulkey said. “Those who have not gotten that Spartan Core, they get it.” 

Mulkey also adds that all skulls that have been acquired by each player in their respective games will be available to choose from. Skulls are specific combat or gameplay-modifying collectibles that players can obtain within the game.

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