Halo Infinite Fans Found a Split Screen Co-Op Workaround

Halo Infinite Fans Found a Way to Do Split Screen Co-Op

Halo Infinite’s split screen co-op is not happening. Devs already confirmed this to the gaming public. However, this has not stopped fans from figuring out how they can still enjoy the game with three more people.

Apparently, there was a glitch in Halo Infinite’s menu. With some sort of gaming tech wizardry, some fans were able to implement local co-op that can support up to four players. The whole gig does not impact the game’s cut scenes or spawns and behaviors of the enemies.

halo infinite split screen co-op workaround

So, after checking on Xbox Series X, the menu glitches to play Halo Infinite campaign split screen still work,” the fan wrote on social media. “No crash in cut scenes, no issue with AIs.”

At the moment, the Halo Infinite split screen co-op workaround works like a charm. However, fans should remember that it is not formally supported. With that said, it may eventually disable some sort of odd behavior.

We had to make the difficult decision not to ship campaign split screen co-op,” 343 Industries Head of Creative Joseph Staten stated. “And take the sources that we would use on that and go after this list and all these other things.”

Staten did stop short of providing further details about what these “other things” are. However, the Halo Infinite community believes he was referring to bugs, polish, cheaters, and any other issues that have plagued the shooter since its launch.

A lot of Halo Infinite’s features have been delayed. In fact, devs even decided to just outright cancel some of them. With that said, it remains unclear how much of the things highlighted in the road map would even materialize.

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