Diablo Immortal Players Face Crushing ‘Orb Debt’

Diablo Immortal Devs Removed Orbs Purchased From Resellers

Multiple Diablo Immortal players are in a massive “orb debt” at the moment. Apparently, devs issued a revocation of the Eternal Orbs that they got from resellers.

These Eternal Orbs are an in-game currency within Diablo Immortal. Fans can only get them either through the battle pass or by purchasing them with real money. However, these items are not cheap. Their prices range from $1 for 60 up to $100 for 7,200. Unfortunately, this will not get them a lot of the items they want. Ten Legendary Quests probably gives the best loot drops for Diablo Immortal. This pack costs 1,600 orbs. A collector’s cosmetic set, on the other hand, costs 1,500.

diablo immortal orb debt

Diablo Immortal fans who did not want to pay full price for the orbs decided to turn to third party resellers to get them at significant discounts. Resellers oftentimes buy the orbs at huge amounts then offer them to others at discounted prices through external websites.

Things turned sideways for these deals earlier this week. “Half the clan members—and I would guess half the server—is reporting they are in massive Eternal Orb debt,” a fan wrote on social media. “This is the result of third party purchases as there has probably been some mass-coordinated refund wave from those scammer/stolen/missing credit cards.”

Resellers would tell their clients that they are getting the orbs with unused gift cards. However, it has now come to light that they were actually using stolen credit cards.

The Diablo Immortal community has been calling for Blizzard to do something about the third party reseller problem. Availing of services from external resellers violates the company’s EULA. With that said, Blizzard is also making the purchased orbs disappear in addition to just clamping down on the resellers.

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