Halo Infinite Devs Quietly Scrap Split Screen Co-Op Mode

Halo Infinite Campaign Split Screen Co-Op Isn’t Happening

Halo Infinite devs just rolled out another update for the game. Interestingly, they quietly snuck an important announcement with it. While most fans are excited about the game’s latest fall/winter road map, an observant few were quick to point out some key points.

343 Industries released a video that accompanied the update. In this video, Head of Creative Joseph Staten revealed some not-so-great information. “We had to make the difficult decision not to ship campaign split screen co-op,” he said. “And take the sources that we would use on that and go after this list and all these other things.”

halo infinite scrap split screen co-op mode

Staten is referring to sorting out multiplayer performance issues, increasing stability and polish, as well as cracking down on the cheaters. The video lasts for 30 minutes and is the most recent push for transparency from Halo Infinite devs. Going forward, the gaming community can expect devs to be even more transparent when it comes to realistic road maps and further updates.

The Halo Infinite community hugely welcomes this transparency. However, they are not too pleased with the studio after hearing what Staten had to say. They find it relatively disconcerting that devs quietly cancelled something they have long been waiting for. After all, devs have promised the campaign split screen co-op mode for some time now. 

Furthermore, making the announcement in the middle of a lengthy update video feels like an afterthought. The amount of conflicting information that devs gave Halo Infinite fans since long before launch has also caused a lot of frustration. They promised fans in 2020 that the game will have split screen co-op at launch. They suddenly made a network campaign co-op beta available earlier in the summer. It is only now that it has become clear that that particular feature is completely off the table.

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