Project 007 James Bond Game to Launch in 2025 at the Earliest

Project 007 May Be Scheduled After March 2025

Project 007 fans are not too happy at the moment. IO Interactive’s annual report for 2021/2022 has indicated that they will have to wait a lot more for the much-awaited title. The partnership between the James Bond license and the Hitman 3 studio is a match made in heaven. 

Agent 47’s stealth, deceptive interactions, and highly skilled gunplay are traits that 007 would also possess. Unfortunately, as it would turn out, Project 007 fans will have to wait further to see their favorite spy in action.

project 007 james bond game launch 2025 earliest

There is a risk the next number of calendar years that profits will drop,” the annual report read. “This is due to the long production phases ahead before the next releases hit the market.” The report continued to state that devs are even more worried about fiscal years 2024 and 2025. According to their analyses, “estimates show a significant decrease.

Basically, Project 007 devs are expecting to make less money until the release of their next game. It would seem that the next launch will not be until the fiscal year 2025 ends. As it currently stands, the studio’s FY 2025 closes out on March 31st of 2025. With that said, fans should not expect the game to launch before then.

The gaming community knows very little about what devs are planning for Project 007. Fans do know, however, that it will star its own version of James Bond in an original story line. There is also the possibility of a trilogy just like fans saw with the modern Hitman series. Barbara Broccoli, the Producer of the 007 film franchise, is reportedly happy with IOI being at the helm of the project. Apparently, she saw the success of Hitman and trusts that Project 007 will get the same reception from the gaming public.

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