Halo Infinite Is Getting ‘Something Big and New’, Says Dev

Certain Affinity Took On More Halo Infinite Development Duties

Halo Infinite devs shared more information about the project that they are actively working on for the franchise. Certain Affinity confirmed earlier this year that they decided to take on more development duties for the popular series. Apparently, they have been working on it for over two years now.

We have been working on Halo Infinite doing something that they are very prescriptive about what we can say,” CEO Max Hoberman said. “It is something big and new for the franchise.”

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This new Halo Infinite project is still unannounced at the moment. “We are doing lead development on that unannounced thing from conception and design,” he continued. “That is our singe largest project of our three projects currently.” In fact, this project is so massive, that devs “have close to 100 developers” currently hard at work on it.

Earlier this year, multiple reports have claimed that a new Halo Infinite game mode was coming. According to these claims, it could be the shooter’s take on battle royale. However, considering that it remains unannounced, it may turn out to be something else entirely once it is ready.

Moreover, Micosoft’s decision to entrust Certain Affinity with more Halo Infinite duties was not entirely surprising. After all, they do have a longstanding relationship. Plus, 343 Industries also had some challenges coming up with new content for the series.

Earlier this month, Bonnie Ross announced that she is stepping down as the Studio Head for 343 Industries. She was in charge of the studio for 15 years. She worked at Microsoft for over 28 years as well. Microsoft then confirmed to the gaming public that they restructured the studio’s leadership team. Following Ross’s announcement, Pierre Hintze took on the role of Studio Head.

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