Next Dead By Daylight Chapter Could Be Inspired By For Honor

Dead By Daylight Insider Reveals Info About Next Chapter

A Dead By Daylight insider has revealed some key information about the game’s upcoming chapter. Apparently, it took inspiration from Ubisoft’s popular action game For Honor. Furthermore, it will introduce a new map that is “from an entirely different realm.

Next chapter comes with completely new map from entirely new realm,” the insider wrote on social media. “I forgot to announce that this chapter is inspired by the For Honor franchise.” Dead By Daylight fans have also been speculating that the next installment will bring a new Survivor and another Killer that may be called The Knight.

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News about this collaboration was a bit of a surprise to Dead By Daylight fans. After all, a project between Ubisoft and Behavior Interactive seems out of left field. However, it is worth noting that both studios already have experience working with each other. They combined forces for last year’s For Honor x Dead By Daylight Survivors of the Fog Halloween event.

Dead By Daylight devs usually release chapters on a relatively similar schedule. It would seem that each launch lasts between 80 to 99 days. They released Chapter 24: The Roots of the Dead on June 7th and Chapter 25: Project W on August 30th. If they stick to this tradition, fans can expect the next chapter to come out between November 24th and December 1st.

In the recent weeks, many known Dead By Daylight streamers have openly been criticizing the game for what seems to be an increasingly alarming cheating problem. In fact, it has now gone beyond simple gameplay advantages for personal gain. Many cheaters are actually going out of their way to inconvenience other players.

It is because of this outcry from the Dead By Daylight community that Behavior Interactive decided to provide a road map. This road map gave fans a peek on the studio’s plans on putting a stop to cheating.

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