Fortnite May Be Having a Halloween-Themed Boss

Fortnite Halloween-Themed Boss Is Codenamed Freaky

Fortnite devs have always surprised the game’s fans with Halloween-themed events. Through these events, players can obtain some items, skins, and also get the chance to fight themed mini bosses. This year, it would seem that such surprise is coming as well.

A known Fortnite insider has revealed in July that the game is getting a gooey boss with many undead creatures. Speculations about this continue to this day with yet another leak about the Halloween-themed boss. It has come to light that the upcoming boss’s codename is Freaky.


According to multiple reports, Freaky will drop a new Mythic weapon and a Pumpkin Launcher that comes with two Rocket Ammo after each defeat. This Mythic weapon might be one that fans of the franchise have not seen before. After all, it has also has the special codename Freaky. The boss could also drop 6 Fireflies, 2 Consumable Stacks, and 2 Ammo Stacks.

This new Fortnite boss will also possess the ability to summon minions and possibly raise the dead. With that said, it is likely that players will see new mobs with zombie mechanics or other interesting abilities. Many fans also strongly believe that more famous characters are going to make an appearance during the event. And since it is for Halloween, they might show up as undead variants of themselves.

So far, the bosses that devs have added to the game has been very entertaining. Fans are confident that the upcoming Halloween-themed boss will bring a lot of interesting challenges to Fortnite as well. As Halloween season nears, the franchise’s following may come across more information about Freaky ahead of launch. Still, it is best to wait for an actual official announcement from Epic Games regarding what they have in store for the gaming public this October.

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