Dead by Daylight Fans Want Devs to Bring Back Stranger Things DLC

Dead by Daylight Fans Want Stranger Things DLC to Return

Dead by Daylight has had so many special crossovers since its debut to the gaming community. Since launch, the asynchronous multiplayer horror game has already featured some characters from Attack on Titan, Sadako from The Ring, and Jill and Leon from Resident Evil. However, one of the most beloved DLC of the franchise is Stranger Things.

Just like the other DLCs that were released before it, the Stranger Things DLC did not stay for too long With that said, Dead by Daylight fans have now started a petition so that devs will bring it back to the game. The fandom has reached a fever pitch especially now that the TV show’s fourth season is streaming on Netflix.

dead by daylight fans bring back stranger things dlc

The Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler, and Steve Harrington joined Dead by Daylight in September of 2019. Devs then removed these characters in November of 2022 since they are no longer available as DLC. At the moment, the Dead by Daylight petition for Stranger Things has almost 16,000 signatures. As seen in the petition, it looks like fans are asking for even more characters to join the mix.

By signing this petition you are raising awareness to Behavior Interactive and Netflix that the Dead by Daylight community wants Hawkins National Laboratory, Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, the Demogorgon, and more characters from Stranger Things in Dead by Daylight!” the petition read.

Behavior Interactive has not given any response regarding the matter. Still, this did not stop fans from selecting their pick on who they think will be the best Dead by Daylight survivor. According to many, they think Jonathan Byers will be a great choice. 

The most recent survivor to be added to the game is Haddie Kaur as part of the latest chapter Roots of Dread. This character is joined by The Dredge who is a misshapen killer that can teleport between lockers.

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