State of Decay 2 Still Getting Major Updates Five Years Later

What Is Dead May Never Die

It has been almost three years since State of Decay 3 was revealed at Xbox Games Showcase. However, we have been starved for news about the game. The time has not been wasted though. State of Decay 2 updates are still coming out.

The newest update is called Heart Attack. Changes are being applied to how Plague Hearts behave. Those who have played the game know how pesky Plague Hearts can be. They stink up the air, make zombies stronger, and you can’t build Outposts near them. They also increase the amount and strength of hordes that attack your base.

state of decay 2

The new changes to Plague Hearts now make them dormant, until players take actions that activate them. Previously in State of Decay 2, they would wreak havoc all the time in their local area. Now, you can run around and loot nearby structures, as long as you leave them alone.

Making too much noise, getting spotted by a Screamer, or attacking a Plague Heart directly will now put them into action. The developers liken these abominations as a mirror to the player. They have their own base territory, Infestations are their answers to Outposts, and when threatened, they respond.

Especially on harder difficulties, Plague Hearts were very stressful entities in State of Decay 2. If you ignored them, you were just putting off major problems. In this update, you can be more strategic about how and when you deal with them.

State of Decay 2 is available now for PC and Xbox One.

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