Voodolls Battles To Release Today

Trapped in the Underworld 

It’s time to venture to save your soul. The Puppet Master has given you a chance, can you build your perfect team and escape? Today, Tate Multimedia and French indie studio SideRift are excited to announce the release of their co-op tower defense game, Voodolls. The game invites players to a blend of action, exploration, and tower defense. Importantly, the game has a focus on co-op aiming to provide an incredibly unique experience. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the launch trailer for a better look at the game. 


Voodolls places players in the threads of living Voodoo Dolls. Having been in Hell for a time, players are dealing with the chance to escape from a mysterious Puppet Master. Together, with your team, you must defend the Puppet Master from waves of enemies intent on keeping you captive. Interestingly, players will battle their way through various worlds, each corresponding with a season. Importantly, players will make up teams of four where every individual has unique weapons, abilities, and ways to battle. 

Of course, players can check out the launch trailer for a better look at the game. View the types of enemies, traps, towers, and more that await you in the game’s world. View the trailer below. 

 Voodolls is currently available on Steam. So, are you ready to jump into Voodolls? What kind of doll will you become, and can you defend the Puppet Master long enough to escape?