WoW: Dragonflight Evoker New Spec Has Been Announced

WoW: Dragonflight Evoker New Spec Has Been Announced

World of Warcraft is one of the biggest games in the world, and has led the MMORPG industry for years. Blizzard recently released its latest expansion, Dragonflight, wherein it introduced the Evoker class. Today, the company has announced the new specialization for the class, Augmentation. It is available today, with the release of the Fractures in Time update. The game is currently available on PC via BattleNet.

world of warcraft dragonflight features not abandoned

The Augmentation spec is described as follows, “Augmentation is a new Damage Dealer role with a twist: they use the essence of the Black and Bronze dragonflights to amplify the abilities of nearby allies…They act as force multipliers, increasing their group’s capabilities (and damage output) significantly.”

Furthermore, players must be prepared to spend essence carefully, use mobility to navigate the battlefield and make use of their spells. Additionally, players will be able to spec into Bronze or Black Magic and find new ways to boost their allies. Therefore, players that use the Evoker class will now have another way to approach combat in the latest update.

In Dragonflight, players jump into a unique challenge and zone, where there are multiple enemies to defeat and save the world. Also, in the game’s latest update, players can get their hands on new Mythic+ Dungeons and a Raid, where they will find new instances to master and grind their way to the top.

What are your thoughts on World of Warcraft? Have you tried the game recently? Have you been playing Dragonflight? What aspect of the latest expansion are you most interested in? What do you think about the Evoker class? Which spec do you play? What are your thoughts on the new Augmentation spec? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.